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♪ >> hello everybody, and welcome to a brand new hour inside america's news headquarters, i'm rick folbaum. >> arthel: i'm arthel neville. and the g.o.p. reaches out planning to push a brand new immigration proposal next week. we've got a fair and balanced look at the bill and if it had a chance to pass. >> rick: and lining up six of the most diverse cardinals ever, and the new generation of catholic leaders.
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>> arthel: and the new high-tech toys out there this christmas. never fear, consumer reports is here with the top picks for under the tree. >> rick: but we begin with a fox news alert on the political crisis that is now unfolding in egypt, where just hours ago, the country's highest judicial body calling for a national strike. the protest of a prove by the president there, mohammed morsi granting himself sweeping new powers, a move that since resulted in the violent and widespread protests they've seen. and steve harrigan is streaming live from cairo with the latest. where do the protests go from here? >> rick, the numbers are down today from what we saw on friday and we're likely to see more large scale protest demonstrations in the coming days, after sunday morning prayers and again on tuesday. what we're likely to see then are really competing margins, those who support the president, who feel like his
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moves are necessary, to break the log jam and to move the country forward and those who think that the president is trying to achieve a dictatorship. those who are trying to block him. so we're going to see more large scale protests and the other things to watch resignation is, three presidential aides have recently resigned in the past two hours and the judges are refusing, so if it continues to grow, this could put much more pressure on the egyptian president and we're looking at tahrir square and reminded when the crowds were protesti protesting hosni mubarak, who are they and how united are they? >> certainly a lot of similarities both with the scenes and even some of the chants shall the same chants used against hosni mubarak, but this time the muslim brotherhood is not backing the supporters and they back the president instead and among these opposition people on the streets are really 20
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different political groups. there are liberals, there are people who fear islamic law, there are people who want the old days to come back and hosni mubarak, so, it's a really mixed bag of protesters and the question is, will they have-- will they have the momentum and the willpower to keep coming out day after day and able to stick around, rick? >> steve harrigan streaming live from cairo, thank you very much. >> get some background on president morsi's rise to power. he was elected in 2012 with a strong mandate winning more than 51% of the vote, as leader of the muslim brotherhood, he was the first islamist elected to be head of an arab state. from the outset morsi had been plagued with allegations that his party wanted to be in the political landscape and a moral code based on strict islamic principles. >> there are signs that things are beginning to get back to normal as israel begins to ease border restrictions into
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gaza after a cease-fire agreement with hamas the other day and that ended eight days of cross border fighting which claimed the lives of 166 palestinians and six israeli civilians. as part of a truce brokered by egypt israel agreed to ease more restrictions of gaza border blockade after they first took over in 2007. >> no doubt the white house is watching the developments in egypt very closely as the timing of this sweeping power grab raises new questions. president morsi's move coming just a day after egypt helped broker a cease-fire between israel and hamas. molly henneberg is live in washington and molly, we heard that the state department put out a statement on this, but omits one thing which is what? >> his name, president morsi's name. instead the state department says the decisions and declarations in egypt quote,
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raised concerns for egyptians and the community. and assuring that power would not be overly concentrated in the hand of any one person or institution. but it does not call on president morsi directly to reverse course. republican senator john mccain who will be on fox news sunday tomorrow was a bit more direct, saying in a tweet, president morsi should renounce his power grab before things get out of hand, hashtag egypt. and the president called morsi one day, to thank him for a cease-fire between hamas and gaza. >> and morsi's actions now putting the obama administration in a tough position, molly. tell us more about that. >> now that morsi fired top prosecutor and put himself above the judiciary system the white house will back off more public support of him and a former ambassador to the u.n. under president george w. bush says that morsi is taking
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advantage of his part in this cease-fire. >> whether he had a wink and a nod from president obama or whether he simply felt emboldened in the wake of the gaza cease-fire to believe that the u.s. wouldn't really criticize him or do anything major to stop this power grab, i think we'll have to find out here in the next few days, but the timing is not coincidental, you can bet on that. >> the obama administration says that egypt has a constitutional vacuum and needs to figure out governing issues such as checks and balances and rule of low and democratic dialog, arthel. >> arthel: molly henneberg, thank you very much for the report. >> rick: new details on a fire that broke out at the state department building in washington, reporting four people injured and three rushed to the hospital with one in life threatening condition. the fire reportedly started this morning while work crews were repairing some duct work.
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a full investigation is underway. >> arthel: the holiday shopping season taking on new meaning for retailers struckling to recover from super storm sandy. stores this manage today reopen are promoting huge sales in small business saturday in hopes of recouping some of their losses. anna kooiman from long island, new york. >> it's small business saturday, but because of superstorm sandy the northeast is reeling economically and has more significant for people like the owners of rumors gift shop. and says that sandy could not hit at a worse time because she counts on 40% of her business in come in the last three months of the year and consumers are more concerned about necessities than gifts. >> and the west side slip area, they're out of their homes, they're living with relatives, living all over the place and they're trying to meet with fema, meet with insurance people, meet with restorers, they have no time to shop.
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they're busy trying to put their lives back together again. >> from staten island to long island, local businesses are urging customers to give back to their local communities and help neighborhoods ravaged by storm. estimated 100 million people participated in the annual event. and in the 50 billion dollar range with about 12 billion in new york city alone and 20 billion of the total is from lost economic activity, for example, airlines canceling flights and restaurants not serving meals and casinos not being able to take bets and shop owners are hoping small business saturday helps their bottom line. >> we were closed for ten days, which is a major freakout. when the rents here are not low. >> mom and pop shops getting a big boost on this small business saturday. new york city mayor michael bloomberg announcing 5 1/2 million dollars in matching grants to some of the hardest hit businesses in new york
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city. arthel? >> keep the boosts coming. and thanks, anna. >> rick: investigators in western massachusetts are trying to figure out what led to a massive natural gas explosion that leveled a strip club and damaged more than 100 other buildings, including a day care center located right next door. the blast leaving a large hole in the ground, sending 18 people to the hospital, including several emergency responders, and police saying it could have been a lot worse, but they'd already evacuated part of the area after reports of a gas leak late last night and the explosion happened an hour later and the exact cause is now under investigation. >> the actor who played one of the most beloved television villains of all time passed away. larry hagman played jr ewing on the hit series dallas. he was 81 years old. and dominic di-natale, is live, and has fellow cast
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members and legions of fans, i'm one of them. >> reporter: and arguably the meanest man on tv, arthel, fans are warmly remembering jr ewing. and the evil cheater with the wicked smirk always up to no good. >> he's charismatic, you know, and charming, got that evil side, that macavelian plotting that constantly went on. >> he just became the character he portrayed on the show and he was definitely the master. when they redid dallas, he was on it again, right? yeah, what a career, 80 some years, he was what 81 i believe, 81, yeah, and he worked for most of it. pretty amazing. >> reporter: and the recollection to his fellow cast members of the cbs series which ran for an incredible 14 seasons and patrick duffy who
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played jr's brother bobby, he says i have to say anything more at this juncture is too soon. and linda gray, played his alcoholic wife sue ellen, was with him in the hospital when he died. and i'll miss him enormously and victoria principal wshe said, look out, larry is leading the parade. and starring in the show eye dream of jeanie and barbara eden described him as a texas tornado we've lost not just an actor, and television icon, but pure america, and producers of the latest series of dallas will replace him, they are not saying so far. after all, how do you, just how do you replace jr? arthel? >> i don't think you do. i just don't think so. i don't know, but you know, a great loss with huge and warm
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memories for everybody, it seems. thank you, dominic. >> rick: all right. when we come back, pope benedict xvi crowning some new princes of the catholic church and insiders tell us what's striking about these six which is what they are not. we'll explain. >> arthel: and plus, republican leaders getting serious about immigration reform, backing a plan to high school workers, and can it survive opposition from democrats. >> what we need is a demand based guest worker program that allows companies who cannot find american workers to bring the foreign workers that they need. >> the system needs to be modernized and needs to take into account the opportunities that it creates for investors or for jobs. sometimes what we suffer from
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>> welcome back, time for a quick check of the headlines. and thieves striking a new york city neighborhood, ravaged by fire and flooding during super storm sandy and three homes were looted over the thanksgiving holiday and more than a dozen during the the week prior. president obama is doing his part this small business saturday. and the president taking his daughters to an independent bookstore in arlington,
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virginia. and a u.s. trucker accused of taking military ammo was freed. he claimed he was delivering the goods to phoenix when he accidentally crossed into mexico and sentenced to three years in prison, but was released with time served. . >> a new push by residentials in washington to take on immigration reform and showing new support for a plan to recruit highly skilled foreign workers, but this proposal has been defeated by democrats before. how will it bear this time. martin frost, former democratic congressman from texas and a former deputy assistant to george bush, and good to see you on this holiday weekend. thank you for joining us tonight. and congressman frost, let me start with you and explain why democrats were opposed to this, looking at something identical just this past september. >> look, the only way you do immigration reform is on a comprehensive basis. i was in congress when we passed simpson in the 1980's
3:18 pm
and you don't do this piecemeal. you have to address the dream act and address what bringing the high income and highly educated people in and do you this all at once and i will tell you, having been in congress, there is no harder vote, no more contentious issue than this. and the immigration reform makes social security restorm look like a walk in the park. so, you have to put this all into one package and that's the only way it's ever going to pass and the republicans can try to make a few points by peace mealing this, but they know also that a final analysis, a bipartisan package that covers the entire subject. >> let me explain for people because the congressman didn't answer my question here, which is why democrats have been oppose today this, the stem job act and-- >> and the question, i'll just explain it for you because i know the reasoning here there's a feeling by a lot of democrats that this-- >> don't try and speak for me, i'll be happy to answer the
3:19 pm
question, it has nothing to do with other kinds of people that are left behind. it has everything to do with the only way you do immigration reform, as i said earlier, is on a comprehensive basis where you address all the issues not just one little piece of it. >> rick: understood and i'm not trying to speak for you, congressman frost, i have a lot of respect for you, i want the audience to understand why this particular bill was shot down democrats in the past and they felt it excluded immigrants from poorer nations where people might not have the kievend nd of income to get skills in order for people to come over and brad, let me get the congressman's larger point. why not go for something big instead of piecemeal. republicans no secret, did not fare well with immigrant communities, why not more comprehensive. >> we've seen what happens with comprehensive bills by
3:20 pm
democrats, thousands and thousands of pages that nobody reads and public can't digest it. i don't see why it can't be done piecemeal. right now we have a lottery system where we invite people in america who want to come to america. it should be a needs test. if america needs the kind of talent, high skilled talent, scientists, academics, we should be encouraging those people and insourcing talent that can help grow our job base. again, i can't understand why democrats would be defense this particular legislation to invite people to km here to create jobs in america and democrats have been railing about outsourcing and this is a good bill that insources the kind of talent we need to get america back on prosperity and back on the road to recovery. >> congressman frost? >> just remember, brad, during the the campaign your nominee, governor romney, got to the right of newt gingrich and to the right of governor perry on immigration because he didn't
3:21 pm
want to consider reasonable approaches and the earned legalization and dealing with 12 million people who are here right now, putting those people on a path to citizenship, people who haven't violated, haven't committed a felly who have had jobs and family here, that's what you have to address first and then you can address the other little pieces, but you've got to do this in a one package, and there was a republican senator, senator simpson from wyoming, as you may recall, was the lead senator on this, when we passed comprehensive immigration reform, since the 1980's, and you can pass a complicated bill. you can't pass immigration piece by piece, it just doesn't happen. >> rick: go ahead, brad. >> i happen to think it's a good start the republicans understand there's a need and we have a problem. we right now have over 50,000 visas away when they want to come here and should give away 50,000 visas for people america need here. a difference between wanting
3:22 pm
to come here and america needing the kind of people that we're attracting. so, i agree that we need immigration reform. i don't believe it has to be singly a comprehensive bill. i think it can be chopped up and i agree with martin that certainly there are other issues on immigration that a important, but nothing more important than stopping and correcting a system that hasn't worked well. >> rick: congressman, what do you predict the second term. the president on the record saying he thinks something can get done, what do you think? >> i think he will propose a system close to what newt gingrich proposed, earning legalization, which the republicans rejected years ago, that's a starting point. you don't let everybody stay here that are here with an illegal status. take the hard working people who have jobs and families and
3:23 pm
haven't committed any other violation of the law and you figure out how to deal with these people and provides a very strong labor force for the united states. you wouldn't have construction jobs in my home state of texas or where i live now in virginia if you didn't have a lot of hispanics who have come to this country who want to work hard. all they want to do is be able to earn a living for their families and you've got to deal with this group of people and then you can deal with the people, the highly educated people and i'm for that and i supported that in congress and supported the proposal to give a green card to every graduate student. foreign graduate opportunity that graduates from an american college or university with a degree in engineering, start with some. you can do that, clearly we can do that. you can't do it, you can't do it-- you can't do it a little piece at a time because members of congress and both parties hate voting on immigration and only vote once. you have to give a comprehensive bill. >> our economy right now needs skilled workers, about people who want to come here and we
3:24 pm
should fix the system that's broken and not only that family friendly and keeps families together and some families have one member of the family come here on a green card and they have to wait several years before they're reunited and this bill corrects that. >> they can't work once they get here, but they can come and be with their families. >> gentlemen, thank you so much, good see you both. >> thank you. >> pope benedict xvi, elevating six new cardinals today. you may remember he elevated cardinals last february, but the new group is made up entirely of non-europeans including one american. and today's choice will help choose his successor. >> and with the crowning of the six new cardinals, appropriate benedict is it putting his seal on the papacy and decades to follow. appointing well over half the men who will vote for his successor.
3:25 pm
while all are fairly young, the cardinals stand out for what they're not. they're neither european or italian. and the cardinals hales from philippines, one from the united states, annal elevation of lebanon signals how important the region is to the catholic church for its need to help stabilize for the future. >> he's emphasizing the importance in the middle east and he's putting someone in there who really, i think, is a peace maker and is willing to dialog with all the different parties. i think that's very important. >> and all of this has been in relatively good health. 85 years old and slowing down and aware of his mortality, and benedict is eager to keep the college of cardinals at 120. the number needed to vote for the next pope, which may likely be someone that he has chosen.
3:26 pm
>> benedict has put a stamp not only on the college of cardinals, but on the bishops that he's been appointing around the world. and that is part of his legacy and it will be interesting to see how all of that plays out. >> now, there is a bit of controversy about the lone american in the group of cardinals, archbishop james michael harvey and papal council. the direct superior of the pope's former butler accused of stealing the pope's private papers. and some are seeing a lateral move away from the inner circle. >> lauren green, thank you very much fwor the report. >> rick: coming up, picking up the pieces in israel and gaza, how life there is getting on after a cease-fire that ended eight days of virtually nonstop violence. >> and a new report that consumer confidence is on an upward swing amid black friday madness. why doesn't the nation's unemployment number reflect the same progress?
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♪ >> and thanks for spending part of your holiday weekend with us. this is the bottom of the hour and here are the head lines. he was an actor playing the oil man we loved to hate and larry hagman played jr ewing for many, many years died at age 81. >> arthel: the body of former palestinian leader yasser arafat will be exhumed to determine whether he was poisoned when he died in 2004. the detection of radioactive substance on his clothes is reopening the investigation. >> rick: and former boxing champ hector matcho commacho was unconscious and after
3:32 pm
being shot, his mother decide today take him off live support. >> arthel: people in the badly battered city of gaza trying to get back to normal even as many in israel say their government gave in too soon. connor powell has more from our jerusalem bureau. >> three days into the cease-fire, arthel, and it continues to hold is extremely fragile, but encouraging indications that life are returning to normal. israeli children returned to school yesterday and markets are reopening now that the threat of rockets have ended and today, palestinian in gaza have also returned to school as the cleanup begins. no doubt there are still challenges, but so far, both sides seem willing to continue the cease-fire and part of the agreement calls for an easing of the blockade around gaza. it's not exactly clear what
3:33 pm
that n some evidence that the palestinian fishermen in gaza are now allowed to fish off the coast, something they were not able to do previously when the restrictions were in place. and gone are the massive amounts of israeli troops from the border, instead it's now just small groups of hamas and israeli soldiers patrolling the border. no doubt the cease-fire will continue to be tested in the coming days, weeks and months ahead and those in israel and hamas are sending envoys to egypt to build on the small amount of progress that is already being achieved. arthel. connor powell, thanks. >> new allegations of political correctness gone wild in the obama administration, a new report showing the department of homeland security avoiding using the term terrorists, and that has some lawmakers very concerned. peter doocy is reporting in washington. >> reporter: the department of justice has not even identified what topic should be covered in their countering
3:34 pm
violent extremism or cve training, despite the fact that according to a report by the government accountability office from 1989 to 2011, 210 violent islamic extremists are northern to radicalize in america and 80% began after 9-11 and the face of terror is changing and republican susan colli collins, says the identification of the 2009 shooting at fort hood texas as workplace violence is one reason that law enforcement agents nationwide are not properly learning who they should be on the lookout for. to counter this threat to better understand its roots and how it may develop among certain people in our own country, we have to be willing to name the threat to understand it in order to counter it. >> the gao report says plainly that misinformation about the
3:35 pm
threat and dynamics of radicalization for violence can harm security by sending local stake holders in the wrong direction and unnecessarily creating tensions with potential community partners. but, there is a bright spot and the gao report, the holm secured department is noted as effectively identifying and communicating to their partners, the elements that their training on countering violence extremism programs should cover. rick? >> peter doocy in washington, thanks so much. >> well, the holiday shopping season is in full swing this small business saturday. new reports suggest more americans feel the economy is improving now than anytime during the the last decade. this despite high unemployment, gallop polling shows christmas spending is surging after a three-year slump so is there another factor at play here or is this simply a disconnect between perception and reality? bringing in now ed butowsky,
3:36 pm
from chapwood industries. you're looking at unemployment rate at 7.9%, a bonanza black friday, a great gray thursday, and spokes are spending money, what gives? >> i'm not sure what gives. the survey-- i'm happy to hear people are more positive and i want the economy to recover. the question really is, what has changed since the election? because we still have very high unemployment and you know, today, it was announced that 80 new regulations were put in place by the obama administration and when these people hear new regulations what that means is a slowdown. every time you hear regulations that means you have to hire lawyers and consultants and the question, what is making this economy better and quite frankly, arthel, i think it has to do with the idea there hasn't been a major negative jolt to the economy and that's why people are feeling better. >> arthel: and in the survey you're talking about analysis for bloomberg associated the associated press and consumer
3:37 pm
according to that analysis, hey, we're optimistic the economy is going to improve in the next 12 months, but you say, ed, that the folks who get it are concerned about the future of this country. so, what are those guys on the other side, who are wearing the rose colored glasses, what is it that they're missing? >> well, what they're missing is reality. i mean, the reality is that prices are rising across the board, their wages are down, and you have a lot of regulation coming in and again, as i say that, that means a slowdown in business, there's not a lot of positive things and then attach on top of that, obamacare which people don't know how it's going to impact them. so businesses are going to slow down, they're either going to be paralyzed or just slowdown and they're going to stop hiring so you're going to start to see less money into the economy, so be happy for now, but what those people are missing is the reality that business is not-- the climate is not good and people out there every single day and small business day, every one of those people are not looking to prosper, they're looking to hold on right now. that's not a good environment
3:38 pm
when a small business person's goal is to survive and not, the goal isn't to prosper. that's a problem, arthel. >> in the meantime, ed, you thought the gallop polling saying spending $770 this christmas season and pretty much close to where it was last year, 764. so, maybe it's combining optimism that things are going to get better with the sentiment that, you know what? i'm going to treat myself. i'm going to splurge now and tighten the belt come the top of the year. >> i hope anybody who is buying me a gift doesn't hold back this year, but arthel, i've got tell you, we're going to have to watch it carefully and it's typical because people have watched me for a number of months, know how i feel about the way the economy's being handled. i'm not happy with it and nothing has changed. let's just hope and pray that things get better and let's hope that the fiscal cliff, we get that resolved and hope that prices start to, don't keep going up like they are. let's hope that the tax situation doesn't get out of control and hope all of the negative things that could
3:39 pm
happen don't happen, but if they do happen, you're right, arthel, get ready because january and february are going to be rough months out there. >> arthel: well, we hope it doesn't come to that. we want everyone to have a, you know, good income and et cetera. and by the way, as someone told me you have pretty deep pockets if you want to buy me a christmas gift, no problem. (laughter) >> i already did. that's what i've done all weekend. >> arthel: good answers, ed butowsk butowsky. >> rick: you let me know if he sends you something. >> arthel: i will. >> rick: and new concerns over a sweeping new power grab from the president of egypt. how should the u.s. react? a fair and balanced look is ahead. >> plus a look at the hottest toys on the market right now. there's some of them. find out what is sure to make you a big hit with the little ones this-- that's cute, this holiday season. can't wait to see that one. al, sven gets great rewards for his small business! how does this thing work? oh, i like it!
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>> as thousands of egyptians take to the streets, the nationwide protest growing concerns among the u.s. and the rest of the international community after president mohammed morsi grants himself exspansive powers and sparking instability in the region. and how should the the u.s. react. a professor of law and political science at university of southern california good to see you, susan, as always. >> good to see you. >> give me, first of all, susan, your take on morsi's power grab, does it surprise you and should the u.s. be leery or perhaps more so some would say? >> you know, it's very disappointing, i guess it's not that surprising. the rule of law is a pretty tricky business and it's not as if egypt had the rule of law before, but i guess the only thing that doesn't disappoint me that in fact dare i say pleases me is to see egyptians, prosecutors,
3:45 pm
judges, strange bed fellows, coming together and standing up and recognizing that you can't have democracy without the rule of law. >> arthel: yeah, the supreme judicial council saying this is not good. let me ask you this, some are saying this, did the-- tell me what you think, did the u.s. give morsi too much praise publicly? >> well, you know, i think it was a great deal of hope. morsi stood up, he was willing to get engaged in the process and trying to negotiate a cease-fire, we obviously need to deal with the elected leaders in countries, even if we would not necessarily have supported that result. and so, i think, i understand and can appreciate why the u.s. praised him. i think at the same time you've heard the u.s. and u.n. spokes people denouncing this power grab and making clear the point that you and i both realized which is the rule of law is essential to a democratic society and it's essential in the long run to
3:46 pm
economic growth and improved standard of living. but, at the end of the day, this really is up to the egyptian people. they're the ones who are going to have to stand up and show the courage and show the determination to send the message to this man, that they won't have it. >> arthel: up to the egyptian people, but egypt gets a lot of aid from the u.s. so what should the u.s. do now? does the u.s. put more pressure on morsi to make sure that he does what he needs to do to maintain the peace treaty between israel and hamas? what do they do? >> well, obviously, i think right now we're putting pressure on. at the end of the day, human rights has to be a basic principle in our foreign policy, and it has to be a basic principle in foreign aid because you and i both know the fact that a leader is willing to cooperate with the west, to, to try to diffuse the situation in the middle east, is also going to be a policy and so, the u.s. is
3:47 pm
stuck with the balancing act in which the most important thing is may do in the long run is give rhetorical support, at least, and information and communications to the people in egypt so they know what's going on and they're in a position in this modern day to express their rights. i mean, they fought a revolution against a despotic government and it would be a sad thing for them to having done that, and having had a democratic election, and end up in the same boat. >> yes, and so let's talk about morsi and the muslim brotherhood. where does this put them on the world stage, politically speaking? >> well, i think there's going to be pressure from all sides. look, i think you're going to have pressure from within, pressure from without, inge a lot of pressure, not to use too many times, on the muslim brotherhood, to prove that it's something other than an outside insurgency group, to prove that it can indeed
3:48 pm
exercise power, in a responsible way and the irony is, morsi, in a way having done that, having acted as an international leader has now grabbed defeat from the sauce of victory in the international community by accompanying that with a power grab. >> complicated, interesting pieces and so it's what, about an hour and ten minutes from now, are you going to watch the usc-notre dame game, just asking. >> i'm going to keep my fingers crossed. my kids are in town and it hasn't been a great year for usc, but we continue to fight on. >> arthel: fight on. all right, go trojans, all right, susan. >> right. >> arthel: good to see you. >> happy holidays, art. >> arthel: you, too, susan. thank you so much. don't forget, you can read susan's syndicated college in newspapers across the country every wednesday and friday. rick, what you doing? >> well, time to go shopping for the kids and maybe something like this could actually get my children to keep their hands off of my electronics and we'll talk
3:49 pm
with frank carol from consumer reports about some of the greatest toys that they've tested on the market for the children this holiday season. educational ones as well. we'll be right back, don't go away. ♪ [ male announcer ] lifts to clear obstacles. ♪ lowers to cut drag. rises to every challenge. the class exclusive air suspension in the new 2013 ram 1500. engineered to move heaven and earth. guts. glory. ram.
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>> ♪ it's beginning to look a lot
3:53 pm
like christmas ♪ >> beautiful ornaments on 6th avenue and see if you can stop playing long enough to do this segment. >> i probably won't. by the way, we know the holiday season is here and children in your life, and big kids as well don't want last year's toys. >> rick: and smart shop magazine have the toys that keep them occupied. good to see you, carol. thanks for coming in. >> thanks, carol, how are you. >> hi. >> arthel: and this is the first toy that you brought here, feedback, this is called a rap star. who is it good for, $20. >> rick: good for you. >> be and you might want to keep that one. it's an am phier not the most high-tech, but it's cute and fun. >> rick: can you do the sound effects during the commercial breaks. >> arthel: and r2-d2, and wear
3:54 pm
it around your arm and everybody enjoyed this one. >> arthel: thanks for bringing this. >> rick: $20 and who is mr. robot guy over here. >> and this guy is possibly-- ooh, stop, okay. hang on, turn it off. continue. >> and parent beware. and all right, this guy is from v tech a learning robot and interacts with kids and when you turn him on, he starts dancing and talking and a whole bunch of games built in. and they're all learning oriented. and turn them on again. >> and they'll be right here. . >> and (laughter) >> oh. and sometimes once you light them up, you can't put them to sleep. >> and he's turning himself on on the way in, but he's fun and engaging for kids, for young kids and starts at three years old. >> how much is this one. >> $40.
3:55 pm
>> and this is for older children it looks like, educational stuff here, what is this about. >> i-tech maps is a great toy. and the kids can bring them on trips and things like that. >> and this is one of the tech toys full of noise and comes with a bunch of different maps you can plot in and the toy knows which one is in there and click around the toy and find out information about the solar system and dogs of the world and this is in reality if you hold an iphone over it with the right app you'll get the movies and things, it didn't work super well to us. >> we're down to the last minute. the leap pad 2. >> we had the kids toy tablets started up last year and v tech and leapfrog came out with second generation toys and added cool things, more
3:56 pm
memories and cameras now and video with the tablets. so they really are toys, but they really are tablets, too, and art studios and all kinds of things. >> it's very much like a tablet. what do you do with this thing? (laughter) >> all right. and finally, carol, tell us, we have literally 20 seconds. >> and that's the v tech, the v tech the second generation kids tablet and the both are great, i think for kids and seem to enjoy them and like playing the games on them and the camera edition is a wonderful edition and this camera actually rotates and in front and pictures of yourself. >> and carol, thanks so much. happy holidays to you. >> thanks, to you too. >> stick around, the fox >> stick around, the fox report up next. captioned by closed captioning services, inc. . >> arthel:. >> rick:
3:57 pm
try running four.ning a restaurant is hard, fortunately we've got ink. it gives us 5x the rewards
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on our internet, phone charges and cable, plus at office supply stores. rewards we put right back into our business. this is the only thing we've ever wanted to do and ink helps us do it. make your mark with ink from chase.
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